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What is the mortality rate of pets after catching parvovirus?

The younger the age, the greater the probability of death, but it is not absolute. If the cute physique is better, coupled with the active company of the owner and timely and correct treatment, the cure rate is still quite high. Generally speaking, the mortality rate can reach 80% in one to two months. The […]

How do cats eat on a daily basis when they have chronic kidney disease?

Today, we will tell you about a common disease in middle-aged and older cats: chronic kidney disease. Chronic Kidney Disease, CKD is common in middle-aged and older cats (cats over 7 years of age) and becomes more common as they age. It is estimated that approximately 20-50% of cats over the age of 15 will […]

How to pick Canadian pet insurance,part 3

This article will share what I know about Trupanion and PetPlan and common problems 1⃣️enrollment waiting periods -T: Injuries will take effect after 5 days and illness will take effect after 30 days. -P: Injuries and illness are 15 days waiting, plus 6 months exclusion for conditions relating to the hips and knees -All circumstances […]

How to pick Canadian pet insurance,part 2

Let’s continue to talk about what aspects need to be compared when choosing pet insurance 2⃣️premium your monthly fee. The monthly fee depends on how much deductible you choose to pay, how much $ insured, the type of pet/age/your city/average price in the vet market, etc. 🐶’s monthly fee is higher than 🐱, monthly fee […]

Mushrooms are Anti-Cancer❓Is it reliable?❓

🌟 Why use mushrooms to fight cancer❓ ①Medicinal mushrooms contain a unique polysaccharide called β-glucan. And β-glucan plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of cancer. ② β-glucan is also a valuable prebiotic. Prebiotics can feed bacteria in the intestines of dogs. Good bacteria can strengthen the immune system and help control inflammation. […]

Pet longevity tips ②,How to let your pet live to 20+age ?

Pet longevity tips ②|How to let your pet live to 20+age? I’ve been brushing up on high life dogs a lot lately, but few people have summarized it in Little Red Book, so I thought I’d write about it. If someone brushes up on my article and lets the dog or cat live a little […]

The secret of pet longevity①,How to make your pet live to 20+?

The secret of pet longevity①|How to make your pet live to 20+? 🍀What is high life, I think 18+ is considered high life, usually we see longevity cats and dogs 14-17 years old, very few 18+ 20+. In fact, dogs and cats can live so long. The longest-lived cat in the world is 38, and […]

6 Reasons:Why do cats go away to die?

Many cats run away from home before they die, finding a place to hide. Why do cats do this? In fact, it’s all because of the following reasons! 1. The law of survival In fact, cats are very insecure animals, when they are sick or injured, have no attack power, and can’t protect themselves, they […]

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