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Chinese traditional yearn ancestor paper products:joss paper

what is joss paper(ancestor money,hell notes)? The joss paper(hell bank notes) can be published in different designs, i.e. revealing money like the Chinese Yuan, United States Buck, Thai Baht or Vietnamese Dong. On the back of each costs, the ‘Financial institution of Heck’/ ‘Financial institution of Universal’ or alike will certainly be included. When melting […]

How to make joss paper,the making of joss papers?

There are many ways to make joss paper money, traditional crafts and modern machines. Traditional craftsmanship requires a lot of manpower to make paper money, which involves a lot of manpower, and the output is limited. Many manufacturers in China provide modern production lines that can produce paper money in batches, and can produce products […]

What is ancestor money?

What is ancestor money? Ancestor money is called Paper money, Joss Paper,Hell Bank Notes, and it has many manifestations. Copper coins-shaped pieces of paper burned by people to the dead, ghosts and gods. What is ancestor money? It can also be thrown or hung in the cemetery. There are round square holes in the shape […]

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