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How to store pet ashes after cremation? What needs to be paid attention to?

The treatment of ashes after pet cremation has also been mentioned before. Generally, the urn is stored at home, the urn is buried in the soil, the ashes are thrown into the river, and the ashes are processed into diamonds. Then they are placed in the urn or other storage. What should I pay attention […]

About the pet cremation, the top 10 issues related to pet ashes

Whether we like it or not, old age, sickness and death are natural laws that no life can escape. I have personally seen too many munchkin owners in the face of the death of their beloved pet grief, helplessness and panic, although I have done my best to provide assistance to munchkin owners, but the […]

Is it better to use wooden urn or ceramic urn after pet cremation?

Is it better to use wooden urn or ceramic urn after pet cremation? The traditional idea is to choose wooden casket, because ancient coffins were made of wood, so today’s urn is also made of wood. In terms of storage life, porcelain pot is far better than wooden box, stone and jade are all ten […]

Questions about pet funerals and pet ashes

1. Is cremation of pets the best way after death? Pet cremation. The animal harmless treatment center, according to the actual needs of the owners, will carry out relevant pollution-free treatment of the remains of pets, which is green and environmentally friendly, and there is no hidden safety hazard. 2. What services are included in […]

How to store the cremated urn? What should we pay attention to?

As for the treatment of cremated pet ashes, it has been mentioned before, which are generally stored in the home, buried in the earth, thrown into the river, processed into diamonds and so on. What should we pay attention to when placing the ashes in the box or other storage methods? For the ashes of […]

Can pet cremated ashes carry virus?

Is there any pathogen on the cremated pet’s ashes? It’s not easy. Cremation equipment selected by reliable pet funeral organization is controlled between 1300-2000 ℃. The professional pet cremation equipment is a complex equipment integrating electronic control system, gear transmission system software, gas system and safety automatic control system. It is necessary to control the […]

I’m a pet mortician

Many pet owners will regard pets as family members. They don’t speak, they don’t understand complex emotions, clumsy expressions may just come back home and rub your head against your legs. But pet life is much shorter than human, which is destined to usher in a farewell between people and their beloved. Some owners are […]

How do I place my pet urn?

There are different opinions on the placement of pet ashes, and each has its own merits, so what suits you is the best. Here’s how to place your pet’s ashes after cremation. Cremation of pets γ€€γ€€How to place the cremated ashes of a pet γ€€γ€€1, pet ashes can be buried in a pet cemetery; many […]

How to pick Canadian pet insurance,part 1

🎈What are the disadvantages of pet insurance and what do I need to look for when choosing one? 🎈 Let’s leave the pros aside and talk about the cons. Pet insurance basically has EXCLUSION, not all situations/issues are covered. 1️⃣ Generally speaking, pre-exsiting conditions are not covered, so if your pet is already suffering from […]

The 3 Best Mahogany Woods for Pet Urns in 2021

  Burmese Pear Myanmar rosewood carving ashes cans,QIANSION Memorial Services Phoebe Gold Rimmed Nanmu Phoebe Wood Ashes Box,QIANSION Memorial Services   Ramulus Ramulus Ramulus Ramulus Solid Wood Carved Bone Ash Urn Box,QIANSION Memorial Services Classic look Simple modeling Comfortable decoration Made of solid wood Elaborate Real material have great originality out of the ordinary Within […]

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