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How do I place my pet urn?

There are different opinions on the placement of pet ashes, and each has its own merits, so what suits you is the best. Here’s how to place your pet’s ashes after cremation.
Cremation of pets
  How to place the cremated ashes of a pet
  1, pet ashes can be buried in a pet cemetery; many major cities in China have private pet cemeteries, such as Beijing, Chengdu, Xi’an, etc. Although the pet cemetery is still in a gray area, but as long as the burial is low-profile, there is still protection, the Spring Festival Qingming time can also go to the tomb to pay respects. If you have always insisted on the idea of being buried in the ground, then being buried in a pet cemetery is a good choice.
  2, take it home, if you are not so superstitious, take the ashes of your pet home is also a good choice. Many of my friends ask if bringing home pet ashes has any effect on the feng shui of the house or not. I can tell you with certainty that there is no impact, so take it home if you love it. If you are a little concerned, then you can open the freezer of your home and see what is in there. Does it scare you?
Pet cremation
  Your pet’s ashes are free from bacteria, viruses and transmission, they are very clean and hygienic, and small in size; when you bring it home you can put it in your study, or bury it in a pot on your balcony, or under a large tree in your garden, or in a green space outside your window, so that you can look at it when you miss it and not be alone with each other.
  3. Scatter it in a place it likes to go or in the sea. Most dogs in the city do not have much freedom, and many of them can only come out with their owners in the morning and evening. You can scatter the ashes in a place he likes to go or in the sea, or you can put them in a drift bottle and enlarge them in the sea, so that he can sail freely to where he wants to go.
  4、Make a memorial diamond of ashes. The recent rise in the last few years of making artificial diamonds out of your pet’s ashes and wearing them on your body is a recommended option. Making the ashes into a diamond solves the problem of having nowhere to put your pet’s ashes, and wearing them around also solves the emotional problem of missing your pet.


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