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How to make joss paper,the making of joss papers?

There are many ways to make joss paper money, traditional crafts and modern machines.

Traditional craftsmanship requires a lot of manpower to make paper money, which involves a lot of manpower, and the output is limited.

Many manufacturers in China provide modern production lines that can produce paper money in batches, and can produce products of different sizes and requirements according to customer needs.

Burning joss paper money, an unique routine of Han Chinese individuals, is frequently used in holy place occasions as well as events when individuals praise gods and also forefathers or pay regard to spirits.

According to expert research, paper money originated in the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, that is, money spent by the dead in the underworld. Paper money needs to be punched in the money paper to imitate the appearance of money in the world. With the later development, paper money came in various forms, some were not punched, and were printed with charms, ingots or Guanyin, and some were printed on Tiandi General Bank with modern paper, with a face value of several million yuan, or a few million yuan. 100 million yuan and so on.

What is ancestor money?

The ancestors of the Laifeng Tujia Nationality worshiped particularly seriously and were very serious about funerals. “Every funeral practiced ballads,” also “worshiped witches and ghosts, and worshipped rituals.” Whenever you want to ask teachers and Taoists to do things, you need paper money on these occasions.

The main function of paper money is to be used as meditation money. When doing funerals, you need to burn a lot of paper money to manage the dead relatives, open the way, and buy all the joints of the underworld. Before the 30th of the new year, go to the graves of your loved ones to send a gift, to burn paper money, which is to send the New Year’s money. During the Qingming Festival, the reason is the same when you go to hang up and burn paper money.

Traditional joss paper money production process: bamboo (high-quality paper money making raw materials)-soaked in lime pool for three months-powdered-fiber pool soaked for 40 days-forming-drying.

The major function of melting joss documents is to connect with the gods globe or the spirits globe.

We still sticks to top quality as well as demands making use of tin aluminum foil as the product to generate joss documents. Clients still come from several areas to buy them due to the fact that the high quality of our documents is a lot far better than the imports from south-east Asia.

We detailed generates these documents by hand; what we can see is perseverance and also practice.
Making paper currency one item at once, probably we actually recognize holiness in venerating gods as well as forefathers.

When they concentrate on business economics and also scientific research and also innovation advancements, we wish individuals will certainly pay focus to the typical folk art and also social heritage at the very same time.

A society can just be passed on by its indigenous occupants.

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