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Pet cancer is still the leading cause of death

Cancer is a disease that people are afraid of. In fact, pets can get it. Moreover, cancer is still the first in the list of death rates of various diseases in dogs and cats. In daily life, the only thing the host can do is to observe. Although the following symptoms can not completely prove that they are suffering from cancer, if these symptoms obviously appear on them, the owner must take them to the hospital for further examination in time.
1、 No appetite
Dogs can’t refuse to eat for no reason. Although loss of appetite is not a complete cause of cancer, it may still be caused by some reasons. We need to ask a veterinarian for further understanding. Oral tumors can also cause difficulty and pain when eating or swallowing.
2、 Cough or dyspnea
Coughing and breathing disorders can be caused by heart, lung disease, and sometimes cancer. If the cancer metastasizes to the lungs, it can also cause these symptoms.
3、 There are lumps or lumps
A lump growing on a dog does not mean that it is a malignant tumor (cancer). However, without in-depth examination by a doctor, the owner can only touch and evaluate it in this way. Usually, as long as a biopsy is done, the veterinarian can judge whether there is a pathological change in the cells.
4、 Abnormal excretion
Blood, pus, vomiting, diarrhea or any other abnormal fluid discharged from the body should be sent to a doctor for diagnosis. In addition, if the dog’s abdomen becomes swollen, it is likely to be a warning signal of abnormal discharge accumulated in the body.
5、 Weight loss
If we don’t reduce the dog’s food intake, but the dog’s weight continues to drop, and the spirit is always bad, this may be the sign of the dog suffering from cancer. At this time, it is very necessary to do some corresponding examinations for the dog.
6、 Drowsiness or mental distress
If you find that your pet is not in the same state as usual, sleeping more than usual, playing less, and not willing to go out for a walk or exercise, it may also be a sign of cancer. Once again, lethargy and mental retardation are not all symptoms of cancer, but abnormal behavior of pets is necessary to consult with veterinary doctors immediately.
7、 Changing toilet habits
When your dog changes the habit of going to the toilet – it’s very difficult for him to go to the toilet, frequent and intensive defecation or urination, blood in urine or feces, these are potential signs of cancer.

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