Tontine money,Tontine coupons Yellow Paper Joss Paper Ancestor Paper 150pcs/set

Tontine money,Tontine coupons Yellow Paper Joss Paper Ancestor Paper 150pcs/set


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High quality bamboo pulp paper

Material: bamboo pulp paper
Size 29 * 22 * 5.5cm
Weight: 0.25kg/about 150 sheets

Traditional yellow paper

Ancient technology

Technology mature

The printing is clear
Multi process, overprint
Using multi-step color printing, the printing pattern of each paper is very clear

The paper is smooth
Cut neatly
The outline is clear and cut according to the edge of the pattern,
The edge is sharp and neat
Paper does not stick
Clear, clean and refreshing

Sacrificial paper burning refers to the paper money burned for sacrifice to express mourning for the dead, which is one of the folk customs in Asia.

Burning smoke like fog, reverie like dream
The origin of burning paper: burning paper and paper money may not be used for burning at the beginning, but because the image of burning paper and paper money turns into smoke when it is ignited can make people imagine entering the underworld, burning paper money immediately becomes the most common way to deal with paper money.

Folk Culture: laying wine, lighting candles, burning incense and burning paper
There are many folk customs in our country, and after thousands of years of precipitation, some of them can be regarded as part of our living habits.

Good wishes for Xiangan:
Be cautious of the end and pursue the future
The reason why Chinese people worship is not because they believe that ghosts and gods really exist. It’s just that people who worship their ancestors are filial to their ancestors. Everyone knows that “a drop of wine and food has never been to Jiuquan.” but people believe that their relatives and ancestors can receive people’s affection and sacrifice, and face their ancestors’ photos or tombstones, Expressing deep thoughts and sincere respect is the happiness and motivation of people living in this ancient land.

The story of burning paper:
There is money in the world, and paper in the world
According to legend, Cai Lun’s brother also made paper, but the color was too heavy to sell. His wife made up a story about burning paper in the underworld for money, which made straw paper sell well. Thus, the custom of burning paper in the bereaved family came down.

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