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What is the mortality rate of pets after catching parvovirus?

The younger the age, the greater the probability of death, but it is not absolute. If the cute physique is better, coupled with the active company of the owner and timely and correct treatment, the cure rate is still quite high. Generally speaking, the mortality rate can reach 80% in one to two months. The […]

Possible hazards of dog neutering

Possible hazards of dog neutering ①Hemangiosarcoma Hemangiosarcoma is a common form of cancer in dogs. And is one of the leading causes of death in some breeds of dogs Saluki Spaniel, French Bulldog, Irish Spaniel, Flat Coated Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Afghan Spaniel, English Setter, Scottish Terrier, Boston Terrier, Pit Bull and German Shepherd. ② […]

How to pick Canadian pet insurance,part 3

This article will share what I know about Trupanion and PetPlan and common problems 1⃣️enrollment waiting periods -T: Injuries will take effect after 5 days and illness will take effect after 30 days. -P: Injuries and illness are 15 days waiting, plus 6 months exclusion for conditions relating to the hips and knees -All circumstances […]

How to pick Canadian pet insurance,part 2

Let’s continue to talk about what aspects need to be compared when choosing pet insurance 2⃣️premium your monthly fee. The monthly fee depends on how much deductible you choose to pay, how much $ insured, the type of pet/age/your city/average price in the vet market, etc. 🐶’s monthly fee is higher than 🐱, monthly fee […]

Senior dog precautions 3: about sleep, exercise

About sleep Like humans, the sleeping habits of senior dogs may begin to change as they age and sleep for longer periods of time. For this reason, the following points require more observation. 1. Reluctant to sleep at night 2. often walks around aimlessly or disoriented when walking, these conditions may be early signs of […]

Precautions for elderly dogs 2-about diet and physical examination

About physical examination Even if the dog is currently healthy, he needs to pay more attention. Common diseases of the elderly in humans, such as cancer, heart disease, kidney/urinary tract disease, liver disease, diabetes, joint or bone diseases, etc., are also common elderly diseases in dogs. For example, cancer and arthritis may have the following […]

Precautions for elderly dogs 1

Last week, a friend told me that her 13-year-old VIP had been defecating in bed for two consecutive days. It had never happened before. She wondered why the dog suddenly became unbehaved. However, the first thing I thought of was: I should go to the hospital to check the dog’s physical condition. You can see […]

A Sensible Exercise Program for Older Dogs

Everyone is destined to reach old age, and so are dogs, so have you ever had these questions? From what age is my dog called a senior dog? How does aging bring about changes in their bodies? And how do I adjust their exercise and intensity according to these changes? Generally speaking from the age […]

Mushrooms are Anti-Cancer❓Is it reliable?❓

🌟 Why use mushrooms to fight cancer❓ ①Medicinal mushrooms contain a unique polysaccharide called β-glucan. And β-glucan plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of cancer. ② β-glucan is also a valuable prebiotic. Prebiotics can feed bacteria in the intestines of dogs. Good bacteria can strengthen the immune system and help control inflammation. […]

9 Common Beneficial Fruits and Vegetables for Dogs,Dog Care Pet Care

Pet owners are often asked if they can eat apples. In fact, most of the fruits and vegetables that humans can eat, dogs can eat, but this does not mean that they can be fed casually, or even as a staple food. you can see this article: Vegetables are Really a Good Thing,Cancer Prevention Vegetables […]

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