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Is it better to use wooden urn or ceramic urn after pet cremation?

Is it better to use wooden urn or ceramic urn after pet cremation? The traditional idea is to choose wooden casket, because ancient coffins were made of wood, so today’s urn is also made of wood. In terms of storage life, porcelain pot is far better than wooden box, stone and jade are all ten […]

Questions about pet funerals and pet ashes

1. Is cremation of pets the best way after death? Pet cremation. The animal harmless treatment center, according to the actual needs of the owners, will carry out relevant pollution-free treatment of the remains of pets, which is green and environmentally friendly, and there is no hidden safety hazard. 2. What services are included in […]

How do I place my pet urn?

There are different opinions on the placement of pet ashes, and each has its own merits, so what suits you is the best. Here’s how to place your pet’s ashes after cremation. Cremation of pets   How to place the cremated ashes of a pet   1, pet ashes can be buried in a pet cemetery; many […]

The 3 Best Mahogany Woods for Pet Urns in 2021

  Burmese Pear Myanmar rosewood carving ashes cans,QIANSION Memorial Services Phoebe Gold Rimmed Nanmu Phoebe Wood Ashes Box,QIANSION Memorial Services   Ramulus Ramulus Ramulus Ramulus Solid Wood Carved Bone Ash Urn Box,QIANSION Memorial Services Classic look Simple modeling Comfortable decoration Made of solid wood Elaborate Real material have great originality out of the ordinary Within […]

What Size urn for cremation ashes for loss pet?

When it involves taking into consideration the dimension you will certainly require for a animal cremation container, professionals claim you must comply with the very same guideline made use of in the memorial sector for people: you require one cubic inch of container area for every extra pound that a pet weights. Keeping that stated, […]

8 Factors Affect the Price of Pet Urn,wholesale cost for wooden box for dog ashes?

How much do the wooden boxes used to put dogs ashes in cost wholesale?8 Factors Affect the Price of Pet Urn. The raw materials of wood used for pet urns and pet caskets are not the same. The price of different styles of wooden urns can vary depending on their craftsmanship and production costs. Here […]

6 mainstream pet urn material,how many do you know?

Due to the little understanding of pet funeral supplies, owners are often confused when shopping for pet urns in the face of the many materials available. It is used for dog ash box and cat urn box .African small ebony, Southern rosewood, black rosewood, etc. A silly confusion, do not know which material to buy […]

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