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The 4 common tumors in elderly dogs are not necessarily all malignant

Once a dog reaches old age, the owner may start to think about how long it can stay with him. However, years do not spare the dog. Every year, countless elderly dogs die of cancer. It is estimated that cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over 10 years old, and most cancers […]

Pet cancer can not be ignored, three wrong lifestyles will lead to pet cancer

When it comes to cancer, many people are afraid. After all, so far, cancer is a malignant disease with high mortality and low cure rate. At the beginning, many people thought that cancer, like smallpox and influenza, was caused by virus infection. But with the progress of medicine, we learned the truth of cancer. In […]

What measures are available to prevent cancer in pets?

De-sexing and neutering can eradicate testicular and ovarian cancers and minimise the risk of cancer of the uterus. Spaying and neutering can also greatly reduce the risk of mammary cancer. Mammary cancer is one of the most common cancers in female dogs and cats. For female dogs, mammary cancer has a 50.9% chance of being […]

Dog suffering from cancer is very anxious,5 things not to do during pet cancer treatment

First of all, we need to understand that pet cancer is a devastating disease. Deciding which treatment to take can be confusing because it’s normal to feel anxious when making decisions for your pet. Here are some suggestions on which factors to avoid during cancer treatment to optimize pet care. 1、 Before talking to your […]

Pet cancer is still the leading cause of death

Cancer is a disease that people are afraid of. In fact, pets can get it. Moreover, cancer is still the first in the list of death rates of various diseases in dogs and cats. In daily life, the only thing the host can do is to observe. Although the following symptoms can not completely prove […]

Pet Cancer Tips

Cancer-understand the cause, diagnosis and treatment of cancer Cancer is a disorder of cell growth (uncontrolled cell division) that results in purposeless abnormal tissue (tumor). Grow more than Normal tissue, uncoordinated, persists after the cause disappears. There are many different types of cancer. What causes cancer? Cancer is essentially the result of non-fatal genetic damage […]

Cat cancer: what you should know about cat cancer

Skin cancer is common in cats with white ears If your kitten has a white nose or white ears, you should keep him indoors in the afternoon to prevent cat skin cancer. What is cancer? Cancer is unlimited cell growth. Every cell in your body will wear out sooner or later. When these old cells […]

Signs of cancer in pets

We know that people can get cancer, so can pets get cancer? The following are signs of cancer in pets: 1. Unknown bumps or bumps When you find a lump growing on a cat or dog, it does not mean it is a malignant tumor, but just in case, going to the hospital to find […]

What are the signs of cancer in pets?

We should understand the basic signs of cancer. The earlier it is detected, the better the chances of cure. Pets can get cancer just like humans. Cancer is a major cause of death in dogs and cats, and it is estimated that 1 in 5 cats and 1 in 4 dogs may develop cancer. Many […]

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