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How do we say goodbye to pets?

The old friends who have been with us for many years have left a hole in our hearts. Sad, sad and lost, nostalgia, not give up and guilt, come in droves. The most sad time, can’t recall anything about it, even, you decide not to keep pets, can’t bear the pain of separation again. Time […]

How to store pet ashes after cremation? What needs to be paid attention to?

The treatment of ashes after pet cremation has also been mentioned before. Generally, the urn is stored at home, the urn is buried in the soil, the ashes are thrown into the river, and the ashes are processed into diamonds. Then they are placed in the urn or other storage. What should I pay attention […]

DIY pet funeral guide: how to plan a pet funeral service

Losing a pet has a profound impact on the owner. Pets occupy a special place in our lives and hearts. Their passing creates a huge void. In addition, pet owners have the responsibility to properly and compliantly dispose of the pet’s remains. Therefore, you want to know how to bury or cremate pets, while also […]

12 Ways to Cope With the Loss of a Pet

12 Ways to Cope With the Loss of a Pet For many owners, having a dog has made them twice as happy as before. The only problem is that they can’t stay with their owners forever. Because of the life span, they can only be with the owner for about 20 years at most. When […]

Best pet memorials ideas,more than 60 ideas(New update)

Pet Memorial Picture Frame wiht Paw Print Your pet’s collar is a stunning tip of their life.You can still feel their visibility long after they’re gone. 3D custom Simulation Pet Using 3D technology combined with special materials to make a 3D immersive effect that is exactly the same as the pet’s appearance, 3D technology is […]

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