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What is the mortality rate of pets after catching parvovirus?

The younger the age, the greater the probability of death, but it is not absolute. If the cute physique is better, coupled with the active company of the owner and timely and correct treatment, the cure rate is still quite high.

Generally speaking, the mortality rate can reach 80% in one to two months.

The older the age, the lower the mortality rate.

The course of medical treatment, that is, where the medical condition has progressed. The general order of incidence is single-onset vomiting or diarrhea, vomiting and diarrhea, bloody stools, dehydration, malaise, and shock. Usually, before the shock is reached, each stage has a relatively high cure rate, especially the single vomiting or diarrhea stage, and the cure rate of seeking medical attention in time is close to 100%.

Then the cure rate of the course of the disease decreased successively. Even if it reaches the level of shock, if you encounter a reliable hospital with 24-hour one-to-one care, the cure rate can be close to 50%, but if the hospital does not have the care conditions for such personnel, It’s basically cold.

In short, the smallness is no longer a terminal illness that makes the animal owner talk about it. As long as it is discovered in a timely manner, and treated and treated properly, the mortality rate is very low.

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